Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within, Volume 1 is the first book of the series offering a handy spiritual wisdom statement book for the spiritual pilgrim within us all. No matter your faith, the universal love of a Creator binds us all as One. The author offers his devotional spiritual life as a reflection for all whom may benefit in their own past time of worship with God. By finding a deepening role with the divine afforded by the wisdom of the ages in how to etch out a benevolent life. 

The material is sourced richly and sincerely as an Angelic Oracle by means of clairvoyant automatic writing. This book offers messages of: hope, inspiration, wisdom, grace, metaphysics, empowerment, love, and most of all God(dess). As God is both masculine and feminine as Goddess in an all-inclusive phenomenal capacity. 

This first volume contains 365 all original spiritual wisdom contemporary proverbs and statements for the spiritual seeker. These statements are short and to the point which pack a punch for the faithful on the go written in an A-Z format for easy reference.

Today's world seethes with tension, and calming the spirit is often a difficult task. If you're interested in spiritual self-improvement but have no desire to read long, dogmatic sermons or pontificating lectures, then this handy guide to spiritual wisdom is for you.

Perfect for the spiritual pilgrim in all of us, Jewels of Truth delivers a universal outlook for all who believe. Author Ivan A. Pozo-Illas offers 365 unique, insightful, and original statements on various topics for you to use regardless of your religious persuasion. Often short and to the point, these statements encourage reflection into your faith tradition, focusing on topics such as faith, forgiveness, God, metaphysics, oneness, and love.

In addition, Atrayo dedicates a lengthy section to creation itself and shows how God's amazing love is the "life force" of creation. Forgiveness is an-other important topic, and Atrayo explores it in detail, revealing new and thoughtful observations on this critical idea.

For those seeking inspiration, hope, or encouragement, Jewels of Truth packs a punch and is ideal for the faithful on the go.

Your spiritual journey of self-improvement continues in volume three of the Jewels of Truth series by Ivan A. Pozo-Illas, a.k.a. Atrayo. In this new compendium of 365 statements of spiritual wisdom, Atrayo shares daily inspirational tools to explore all of the must-haves in your life, including love, faith, forgiveness, and certainly, God(dess).

His daily statements get right to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently, to inspire you that finding quiet time in your busy, stressful life is easier than you may think. From these poignant and concise statements, rather than lengthy diatribes, you can easily and quickly find the essential kernel of truth to help you on your journey today.

No matter your religious or spiritual traditions or background, this volume is written from an all-inclusive perspective. Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues is the sacred and uplifting result of clairvoyant automatic writing as the genesis motivation to reach the masses. The channeled spirit teachers are all angelic in divine nature. They are nameless as a united continuum of the Holy Spirit.

Spirituality has a core need in our lives. No matter where you are on your journey, these messages of hope are shared in love.

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