Angelic Oracle Imagineer  

"Spiritual Sage = Mystic = Inspirational Muse = Energetic Healer = Spirit Guide = Spiritual Teacher"

I work by phone and/or by email. All services are below. They can be done via phone or 1 Email Query addressing problem or concern and 2 Follow-up emails to clarify any questions. After purchasing please fill out the form below to choose service and to be confirmed/scheduled.

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Traveling locally in my county of Sarasota is on a case by case basis with an additional fee for traveling depending on the distance. The traveling fee is non-refundable if a refund is requested after a reading or other session.

*(Refunds upon Request) 

*Disclaimer: I do not give legal, financial, medical advice, or any other professional expertise in terms of guidance. I do provide general and personal advice / counseling of a secular to spiritual nature as a whole. I do not necessarily give your futures on romance, professional, or money like a fortune teller. I'm more a Sage Mystic with some backup psychic mediumship abilities. I follow the general archetype of Joseph in the Biblical Old Testament with the Pharoah. I am a Sage, Mystic, Inspirational Muse, and an Energetic Healer of an Angelic nature at large.

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